All about the Participant Accident Insurance For Athletics and Activities

A lot of minor or severe injuries may happen on the field, be it an event, a camp, a play or a sport. If a participant is insured, he will definitely perform better owing to the insurance protection bought for him / her. The sponsors or hosts of events or activities i.e; sports or athletic can ensure their participants or team members.  The Mutual of Omaha understands this factor and caters to this need by the provision of Participant Accident Insurance available as readymade shelf forms and can be tailored made as per requirements. This business house is an entrusted leader in the market for the Participant Insurance for Athletics and Activities by numerous sports organizations, recreation teams or educational institutions. Don’t forget your Medicare Supplement insurance.  Find rates here

The two types of plans available under this policy are:

1) Basic Participant Accident Insurance Policy: This plan covers medical expenses upon an accident and optional Accidental Death and a specific loss coverage for participants of a variety of sponsored activities. The benefit amount ranges from a minimum of $5000 with a one year benefit period.

2) Catastrophic Participant Accident Insurance Policy: Extensive blanket coverage is provided to the groups during sponsored and supervised events or activities. The benefit ranges from a minimum of $1,000,000 to maximum of $5,000,000 with a 10 year or a lifetime benefit period depending upon the tenure of policy purchased for.

The eligible participants of basic Participant Accident Insurance policy are:

1) Associations or Organizations

2) Schools

3) Camps

4) Team or league Sports

5) Intercollegiate sports

6) Child Care Centers

The eligible Participants of catastrophic Participant Accident Insurance policy are:

1) Youth Sports

2) State High School Associations

3) National Governing Bodies

4) Intercollegiate Sports

5)  Schools(k-12)

6) Camps

This employer-based plan is underwritten by the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. The team stationed at their home office enriches the experience of clients or claimants covering all aspects including sales, underwriting, claims, premiums and other areas where customers need support. If a client has a certain unique problem to be resolved, their integrated team of a full-time service provider Contracting Consultant. The dedicated team not only ensures a satisfactory solution to the given problem of customers but also get claim discounts negotiated through accessible service provider networks.