Dealing with Feeling Lonely As A Senior

Everybody tends to feel alone at some point in their life, whether it’s repeated periods of feeling alone or whether it’s only dealing with feeling alone every once and awhile everybody knows that it’s not exactly the greatest feeling in the world. But everyone ends up being able to overcome it , and when you’re younger it can feel easier to deal with since we tend to be in more social places than if we were to be older. It can be hard to deal with when you get older, especially since you’re probably alone most of the time and the only person you’re only really around is your spouse. So it can be a hard time but there are ways of dealing with it and feeling a little better and hopefully feel all the way better with some time.

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One thing that you can do to not feel so alone as a senior is to try to get out more. Whether that’s taking a yoga class or any exercise class in general, a gardening club, hiking, an art class or whatever hobby it is that you have any of these options are a good choice just to get out more. It can make it easier to get to meet new people and you may actually get to make more friends this way with the people that you meet. Plus the people that you meet getting to do the things that you love is great, since you both have the same hobbies hanging out and doing things together can be really fun. For example if you like to go to yoga classes and just do yoga in your freetime in general, meeting someone in one of your yoga classes or someone that just likes to do yoga in general can make it easy to do that activity together since you both enjoy it so much. Meeting people that have things in common with you make it easy to have a long term relationship with that person

Wherever you meet your new friends doesn’t matter just make sure the people you bring into your life are people that you have things in common with and people that you enjoy being with. It can be hard to be alone, but there are for sure ways to deal with it and even though you may feel like nobody cares they really do. Just get out there and meet people that you enjoy to be around and like the same things as you.