Dealing with Feeling Lonely As A Senior

Everybody tends to feel alone at some point in their life, whether it’s repeated periods of feeling alone or whether it’s only dealing with feeling alone every once and awhile everybody knows that it’s not exactly the greatest feeling in the world. But everyone ends up being able to overcome it , and when you’re younger it can feel easier to deal with since we tend to be in more social places than if we were to be older. It can be hard to deal with when you get older, especially since you’re probably alone most of the time and the only person you’re only really around is your spouse. So it can be a hard time but there are ways of dealing with it and feeling a little better and hopefully feel all the way better with some time.

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One thing that you can do to not feel so alone as a senior is to try to get out more. Whether that’s taking a yoga class or any exercise class in general, a gardening club, hiking, an art class or whatever hobby it is that you have any of these options are a good choice just to get out more. It can make it easier to get to meet new people and you may actually get to make more friends this way with the people that you meet. Plus the people that you meet getting to do the things that you love is great, since you both have the same hobbies hanging out and doing things together can be really fun. For example if you like to go to yoga classes and just do yoga in your freetime in general, meeting someone in one of your yoga classes or someone that just likes to do yoga in general can make it easy to do that activity together since you both enjoy it so much. Meeting people that have things in common with you make it easy to have a long term relationship with that person

Wherever you meet your new friends doesn’t matter just make sure the people you bring into your life are people that you have things in common with and people that you enjoy being with. It can be hard to be alone, but there are for sure ways to deal with it and even though you may feel like nobody cares they really do. Just get out there and meet people that you enjoy to be around and like the same things as you.


Before getting Medicare Supplement Plans 2019, some things should be known. Supplement plans, also known as Medigap plans, are standardized insurance policies that fill in the gaps of Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Advantage Plans are often mistaken for Medicare supplements. They are not. Part A of Medicare is for hospitals and Part B is for doctors and other medical services. Under Part A, the government pays for 60 days of a hospital stay. Medicare Part B has a small deductible and then picks up 80% of approved medical services. Supplement are available in several designs with most paying for the Part A deductible and the 20% gap in Part B.

Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 do not fill in the gaps of Parts A and B and can be quoted at, they replace Medicare with a private insurance plan. Usually offered as HMO or PPO coverage, the plans commonly have networks of doctors and hospitals that have signed on to provide services in return for co-payments from the members and the insurance company. The HMO style plans require you to use only network providers except in the case of a true medical emergency. PPO plans allow for reduced benefits outside the network.

Medicare supplements are normally more expensive than Advantage Plans. Most fill in the gaps completely, leaving you with very little in out-of-pocket costs. Advantage plans, on the other hand, have lower monthly premium costs but will usually have you pay more when you get medical services. When you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you are technically covered under medicare Part C, and your Part A and B coverage are deactivated. You would not be able to use your Medicare card for medical services.

Even though your Medicare A and B are not active, you continue to have the premium for Part B deducted from your social security check. The government is using that payment as part of the funding mechanism for your Advantage plan. In fact, the private insurance plan gets even more money from the government for taking over the full financial risk for providing you with health

care. Advantage Plans usually will have prescription coverage as part of the package at no additional premium cost. Supplements don’t. If you have a Medigap policy, you’ll have to buy a separate Part D Prescription Drug Plan if you want coverage for medications from a pharmacy. This in a way sorts many assumptions.


Searching for the Best Medicare Advantage Plan That Fits You

Medicare Advantage plan has been a beneficial choice to help you in handling your medical expenses while you reach the age of 65. Some of these plans cater to the different needs of diverse individuals. However, there are a few of these plans that do not have extra benefits. Thus, if you wish to look for a proper advantage program that caters to your specific needs, then you might need to perform some research. You have to compare different advantage plans to help you get the program that fits your needs perfectly.


How to be Eligible for the Medicare Advantage Plan?

To obtain this advantage plan, you need to be 65 years or older. Then, you need to enroll in the Medicare Part A and Part B. After meeting those two conditions, you will be eligible to obtain Medicare Advantage Plan.


In this advantage program, you can still avail of it regardless of whether or not you have pre-existing conditions. In that case, you do not need to undergo a physical examination to be eligible for this program.


Programs with $0 Premiums

Some Medicare Advantage programs that offer health coverage but with no extra cost besides the one you paid for the Medicare plan. However, other advantage plans do require you to pay monthly premiums. Thus, if you wish to obtain a plan with zero premiums, make sure to carry out extensive research. In that way, you can truly save a lot of money.


What coverage is provided for different preventive cares?

Medicare Advantage plans can be quoted at and are provided to give you health benefits that are not covered by the Original Medicare Part A and B. These benefits would include dental vision, hearing, and other preventive services. You can also find a plan that includes coverage for emergency services that you need to undergo when you travel. Some fitness programs are also offered.

medicare advantage plans in 2019

Hospital Stays and Doctor Visits

Advantage plans can also offer co-pays for various doctors and specialists visits, as well as emergency hospital stays. In some instances, you can visit a doctor with asking for a referral from your primary care physician. It is vital to make a good choice when it comes to Medicare Advantage plan. You can not find a better health insurance program than the Advantage plan anywhere else.


The problem is, should a medical issue arises, you may be locked into the smaller network of physicians/facilities until Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment. If you’re having trouble paying for prescription drug co-pays and your income/assets are low enough, you may be eligible for Extra Help through social security. A good insurance agent will bring this up. By obtaining help with your medication, you can choose the best Plan based on other options (the size of their network, authorization rules, physician/facility convenience, additional optional benefits, etc.)

Choosing a Plan can be completed at you want a PPO Plan and not an HMO is also a mistake and the solution is for many people are under the misconception that with a PPO Plan, they can go to any doctor/facility they choose. In actuality, PPO Plans still have a network of doctors/facilities you must stay in to obtain the lower costs. The biggest difference between a PPO and HMO is with a PPO, you will not have to obtain a ‘referral’ to see a specialist. With an HMO, you must obtain a referral. To be able to choose ANY physician/facility in the country that accepts Medicare, you should consider a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 will still see mistakes and solutions when it comes to choosing Medicare Advantage Health Plans. There are additional varieties of Plans, and may be additional challenges. What happened to my client, you ask? Since I keep in constant contact with my clients, in June I was overjoyed to hear him exclaim the great news. With the same test that was denied by his previous Medicare Advantage Plan, two physicians from a major Los Angeles medical group pinpointed the problem. He was slowly leaking spinal fluid and was dangerously close to having none remaining. With a quick out-patient procedure, they basically laser-glued the leaking area, replaced his spinal fluid and he is healthier, happier and better than ever! Since he is now well, we’ll be reviewing his coverage during Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment.

As an insurance agent for many years, I have stories like this and many more. With compassion, our profession helps to navigate the best options, explain the pros/cons based on our clients’ individual needs and offer peace of mind. Plans change every year and your health/financial status may change also, therefore it is a good habit to make a comparison each year. In closing, choose a good, local, independent insurance agent, be educated.




As initially illustrated, Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 is going to be a totally different ball game. In the past, going directly to the insurance carrier was a given. If something goes sideways, it will come in handy to have an advocate on your side especially one you can see and lives/works in your community. Choose an independent insurance agent that represents more than one insurance carrier.

Why? Because independent agents will know the pros and cons of all the Plans and be able to relay this info so you can make a learned choice. They receive compensation from the insurance carriers but do not have allegiance towards any particular company. Also be on the lookout for carriers that force their ‘independent agents’ to sign an exclusive agreement. I have seen this happen with ‘Dual Eligible Plans’ (Medicaid/Medicare Plans). Again, how can the agent be ‘non-partial’ if they are contractually obligated to only market one Plan? Choose a ‘Certified’ Medicare insurance agent that is able to market Part C, Part D and MediGap Plans. They have additional training and oversight.

Medicare supplement Plans for 2019

When you go to directly to the carrier, you are eliminating a valuable person who will troubleshoot problems if any should arise, while providing you additional peace of mind throughout the process. Choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan in 2019 can be done at requires you to obtain the insurance company’s approval before having a procedure or test stays true. When comparing Plans, one can turn to the ‘Summary of Benefits’. All carriers must publish these and they must be alike and easy to compare. Not paying attention to the ‘maximum out of pocket’ limit.

All Medicare Advantage Plans have this limit and many agents glaze over it while helping you choose your Plan. However, should a catastrophic medical issue arise (cancer, organ transplant, long stay in a skilled nursing facility, etc.), there is a good chance you will hit your MOOP so you want to make sure it’s the lowest possible. The reason: chemotherapy and anti-rejection drugs are considered Part ‘B’ out-patient drugs, not Part ‘D’ prescription drugs and many Plans only pay 80% of Part B drugs.

Therefore, you would be on the hook for 20% and they are very expensive. Choosing a Plan just because the drug co-pays are slightly lower also occurs. Many smaller insurance companies will lure you to their Plan with very low co-pays on their drug formulary but have a smaller network of doctors/facilities in which to choose.





Basics one needs to know about Medicare Supplement Plans

What is Medicare Supplements Insurance?

A Medicare Supplement Insurance or Medigap Policies are the plans that the private organizations sell to bridge the gap between the extra health costs that incur and offered by the ‘Original Medicare’ coinsurance, copayments, premiums, and deductibles. Some Medicare Supplement Plans extend their coverage to the services that are not part of the Original Medicare; for instance, the medical care when traveling across borders. In simpler terms, when an individual has ‘Original Medicare’ and a Medigap Policy, then in times of need Original Medicare pays the approved amount and Medigap Policy pays its amount.

Although, the companies offer these plans at different costs, which require a thorough research before choosing one, by the consumer because in some cases the plan benefits are same despite varying costs. All Medicare Supplement Plans or Medigap plans  in 2019 offer varying amounts coverage depending on how much one can afford. All of these plans are the same across the board, no matter which insurance company one uses; the only difference is the cost that varies from company to company. However, there are similar benefit plans with a lower premium, but it limits one to a certain network of providers. It all depends on how much one can afford & how much coverage one wants.

How are Medicare Supplement Plans categorized?

The plans are classified by alphabets (A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and, N) and each letter defines the same benefits associated with it. Prescription drug coverage is not part of these; hence, one has to take Medicare Prescription Drug Plan for medication coverage.

What aspects do these plans cover?

All Medicare Supplement Plans cover, the below-mentioned four benefits. It is pertinent to mention that different plans cover different sum. However, all the plans cover minimum 50% and some up to 100%.

  1. Medicare Part A Coinsurance
  2. Medicare Part A coinsurance or copayments
  3. Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayments
  4. Blood (first 3 pints used in a medical procedure)

While some other plans, cover at least 50% of the following five benefits;

  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part B Deductible
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • Foreign travel emergency medical care coverage (80%, up to limits of plan)

What aspects do these plans not cover?

They do not cover routine check-ups and services of eyes, dental, hearing aids, spectacles, long-term care, or private-duty nursing. Services of any additional health insurance policy can be availed in case of need.




Developing Close Relationships When Retired

People look forward to retirement because that’s when one can make a fresh start to a new part of life. For many people their salaried employment is the crucial aspect of their lives, so it is very difficult to adjust to retirement for them. They can go in depression and sometimes face a loss of self-esteem as well. However, these feelings are very normal as we are social beings and need to be involved with others to fully enjoy life. Developing and maintaining close personal and social relationships is an important part of life after retirement.

While in the work-force, most people spend more proportion of their time with work issues overlooking family and relatives. They should spend more time in developing close relationships with the family especially their partner. Retired people should visit relatives staying in different towns after leaving work as well. While working, we don’t get time to visit our friends who live far away but after retirement you have all the time to do this. Grab your bags and visit people in different cities who had always invited you but you never got a chance. This will help you develop good relations with those relatives and allow you to see new places as well.

Retirement is the right time when one can fully devote to cherish their family and personal relationships. As humans, we all have a fundamental need to share our lives, experiences and life journey with those close to us. In recent studies, Psychologists have recognized our desire to share ourselves as an important human need. This need is often fulfilled in the activities that we enjoy with our partner, friends and family and neighbors. Most seniors who are living alone don’t even consider dating but it can be a new start of a new life. Meeting new people of your age is highly recommended for seniors, you are never too old to find love. If you live on your own, relationships with your friends, children, neighbors are very important to maintain. Keeping involved in expressive activities with people and groups such as family, friends, church, community is vital to health and social life.



A constructive activity that retired people may wish to do is to volunteer in their community which can also help them develop some new friendships. There are so many possibilities of voluntary work undertaken by seniors and the value it adds to retirement living cannot be underestimated. The opportunities include joining others in re-vegetating local areas, working with local management committees, working as tutors, travel guides etc. There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities and something to suit all.

In addition, you can join different groups and meet new people of your age. Discuss topics which are of common interests. For example, ask your new friends how do they plan their retirement? What type of insurance they plan to invest in? If you know something that can benefit those people than inform them to show your sincerity towards them. Take care of your health together, go for a run or jog with your neighbor or a friend every day to stay active and do not forget to get an additional insurance such as Medicare supplement plans in 2019 to help you cover medical costs.

It is observed that people with satisfying personal relationships have less illnesses and good overall health compared to the ones who don’t have good relationships after retirement. In short, living a social life where there are more people closer to you, will provide ultimate satisfaction and also add years to your life.



Medicare Supplement Plans, Know the Most Popular Insurance Plans

Are you planning or thinking to include a Medicare Supplement Plan to your existing Original Medicare coverage? It means you may wonder whether the benefit will work or vary.  Stop worrying, there is variation. The benefits are standardized for each plan type from A to N, wherever you love.


3 Popular Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans


Medicare Supplement Plan F: This is the prominent plan, Plan F.  It is observed that more than half of the population own Plan F of the Medicare Supplement Plans. This plan has gained high popularity as it is comprehensive and it covers the Medicare gaps. Having this plan you can go for covered medical treatment and it means you need not pay anything from your pocket for the expenses as it is Medicare-eligible. This plan allows Medicare approved expense such that you walk in, receive treatment on showing your cards and just go home. You need not pay and do not get a bill. Of course, this friendly and rich benefit plan can be availed based on your health situation, age, location and lots more, so that you stay benefitted, shop with any of your agents.  Find More information here


Medicare Supplement Plan G: This Medicare Supplement Plan G is same as the F plan, just with exception that you may have to cover the Medicare cost of your Part B deductible ( in 2018 it will be $183). This plan is also one of the best Medicare supplement plans for anyone who wishes to have minimal expenses out of the pocket at a reduced insurance cost of premium in comparison to the Plan F. The plan cost is less than Plan F but as it features the trade-off it deals with having to spend more costs out of pocket. The financial and health care centers consider this pan to be ideal as Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.


Medicare Supplement Plan N:  The Plan N is also identical to the above mentioned two plans, Plan G and Plan F. The Plan N comes with the exclusion of not covering Medicare Part b deductible,  it means there will be Medicare Part B as charges to be paid in excess and also some other co-payments to be done for emergency room visits and office visits. This plan is the best plan that favors the ability to cover additional charges. Plan N costs fewer than other plans F and G, but the out of pocket costs for the trade off is higher in case you need the services of Medicare cover. It may also sometimes be favorable and turn to be the best plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans, why do prices vary with carriers?

Comparing things and buying is the basic nature of a man, regardless of whether it is a product or service. The Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized and it helps in comparing easily. The Federal Government also wishes to make shopping convenient for Medicare shoppers so that one is able to obtain Medicare supplement plans with ease.

You can Compare plans today by going

It means regardless of what you buy, such as a Medicare supplement plans from an insurance company or from different insurance companies, the main concern is all the plans should benefit the buyer.


Comparison Chart

Medicare Supplement Plans that are offered are from Plan A to N with different designation. Each plan is made of specific benefits, but is different from one another.


Actually, you need not understand each plan in detail as it may be confusion. You can consider plans such as the Plan A that features niche and specific needs. People in majority go with Medical Supplement insurance plans representing the plans purchased in bulk such that it includes Plan F, G and N.


Different pricing

The only point that varies between insurance companies is that there are identical plans in pricing. The reason is that the needs of each company are different in comparison to the charge of other companies, though the plan is same.


Remember, one fact of the standardized plans is that Plan F is identical to the Plan F of another company, but the main difference can be found in the price.


Carrier determines rates

As you read earlier, the plan stays the same. This is because it is regulated federally, so you need not shop to know if different companies provide the same coverage. At the same time, if the coverage is same, why there is price difference among the carriers is the question?


Each company follows a set of questions. The companies facing tough health queries consider offering cheaper price and this may also go the opposite way. Another fact for the rate increase in some companies is the claims pay out, where you see rate increase. This varies among carriers wildly and it comes down to who declines or accepts.


Lastly, the Medicare Supplement Plans rates are same as other things available in the free market. The premiums prices are set by the companies depending on the customers they wish to attract so that they reach those customers needs and this determines the price point.